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“Equipping college students to humbly proclaim, explain and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that in all things all people might find joy in displaying the greatness of God’s glory”

Equip is the college ministry of First Baptist Church to the students at South Dakota State University. Why does FBC have a college ministry? We believe the university is a unique mission field. Students from all over the world come to this central location for a few years, and then they leave — scattering again all over the world. Acts 9 records Paul remaining in Ephesus for two years “so that all the residents of Asia heard the word of the Lord.” More than 13,000 students come to SDSU each fall, many of whom will eventually leave Brookings and spread into the world. What a ministry opportunity!

Equip has three main distinctives:

1. Discipleship:
Discipleship takes many forms, but our fundamental emphasis is on relationships and life-on-life mentorship, all rooted in the centrality of God’s Word.

2. Education:
The worldview of the secular campus can be extremely hostile to the Christian faith. We desire to replace secular and liberal teaching with Christ-centered, honest, challenging Christian education opportunities. We believe that to “love the Lord with all your mind” includes cultivating a clear, biblically-centered worldview.

3. The Local Church:
Equip is unique among many campus ministries in that we prioritize the centrality of the local church. We encourage students to become members and model Christ in laying down their lives for the body.

Are you a college student?

Welcome! God has placed FBC within a half-mile of a state university, and he has been kind to give us a love for college students. Let us know if there is a way we can serve you!

How can I get involved in Equip Campus Ministries?

• Our large group meetings are Wednesday nights at 7:00pm in the Crest Room in the Union (located directly above Einstein Bagels). These weekly meetings consist of worship music, a message, and small group discussions. All students are welcome, so bring a friend!
• We would love for you to join a Bible study. Contact Luke at to find out the current options!
• Introduce yourself to any of the college students you see on a Sunday morning if they don’t beat you to it!

How can I get involved at First Baptist Church?

• Attend an adult Sunday School class, which start at 9:00 a.m. Our classes are typically discussion-based, so this is a great opportunity to explore biblical teaching and to get to know the brothers and sisters at this church.
• Attend the Sunday morning worship service (10:30am), and then stick around afterward! God regularly blesses us with informal conversations after church that foster and grow many friendships.
• Join a Community Group. These are small groups within the church that meet every other week in someone’s home, and the focus is to get to know one another deeply.

Are you a member of FBC?

How can I participate in my church’s college ministry?

• Pray! Please pray that God would continue and increase his mission of making a name for himself on this campus. Pray for the faithfulness of our staff and student leadership.
• Reach out to many, often. Invite students into your home and life regularly. An after-church lunch invitation is a great opportunity for this.
• Invest in one or two, intentionally. Consider Jesus’ and Paul’s example of discipleship, and then consider it your joy to invest in a student who is very likely away from home, and could use the wisdom and love of an older believer.

At SDSU, Equip is led full-time by Luke Perkins, an elder at FBC. Contact him for more information: