Community Groups

At First Baptist, we believe strongly in the concept of Community Groups as part of how we “do church” together. Community Groups are 10 or so folks who meet in homes a couple times each month.

The Four Practices of FBC Community Groups
SHARE truth and life.
PRAY for one another and our city, and for the lost.
LOVE one another outside the church walls, and on a regular basis.
ENGAGE our city in love, and with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Four Principles of FBC Community Groups
We are all broken more than we want to admit.
We all need Jesus and the gospel, and we need to preach it to each other.
We all need one another and we need to share our struggles and joys.
The world needs the gospel and we are commissioned to take it to them.

If you’d like to know more about how to join a Community Group, just ask around!


Wednesday Night Summer Study 2016

When Sinners Say ‘I Do’: Discovering the Power of the Gospel for Marriage [Dave Harvey DVD, and discussion] – Pastor Gavin [room L-1] [6/15 – 8/3, excluding 7/6 – 7 weeks]

Nursery/Childcare will be provided.

There will be copies of the book of the same name for purchase in the Bookstore, though neither owning nor bringing the book is required for this study (there’s rather a study guide that will be printed and handed out). This is the book that I use for our pre-marital counseling at FBC. Come and brush up, or jump into this material for the first time…