How We Support International Missions

Ten percent (10%) of the Sunday morning offering goes to support missions. In this context, what we primarily mean by “missions” is “international missions” – or in other words, God’s strategy for calling out of every tribe and tongue and nation a chosen people for the praise of the glory of His grace (Rev. 5:9; 7:9).

In our sending and going, and support of others who are going, we support the following missions-based ministries.  We encourage you to learn more about each, to pray for them regularly, and to consider adding your own support.

Support List updated January 1, 2022:

[50%] Dexter and Jessi May, Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries (Uganda) – sosministries.com

[25%] HeartCry Missionary Society – heartcrymissionary.com

[25%] To Every Tribe – toeverytribe.com

Note: We also support missions efforts with one-time gifts through the Benevolent Fund.